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Good day.

I have an issue with the moonroof on my 94 9000 CS non-turbo.

As you know, the moonroof operates in two different modes.
One can choose to lift the rear of the glass for a "vent" style (we'll call this #1), or slide the glass all the way to the rear of the car (we'll call this #2).

On my car, when you press the roof switch toward the front of the car (on the label "ROOF"), the glass raises in the rear if it's closed (#1), or slides toward the front if it's open (#2). If you push it toward the rear, the opposite of each happens.

I am having trouble with mine in only one direction, that's when I push the switch toward the front of the car.

I can hear the relay near the motor go crazy, but the motor does not move. If I bump the switch in the other direction, it always operates the motor.

Sometimes it will work, but it's not consistent enough to trust.

So my question is:
Is it the motor?
If so, why does it instantly work in the other direction? If it were the brushes, I would think it would hang in either direction.

Is it the relay?
It only uses the one relay, so why does it always work in one direction, but not the other.

Is it the switch?
Is the switch not sending enough voltage to the relay when pressed toward the front?

Just to note, I took the roof/window switch apart & cleaned all the contacts a few months ago as I was having problems making the windows work. Sometime before I owned it, there was soda spilled all over the switch. (It was pretty nasty inside.)

Using the manual crank works fine in either direction.

Thanks for your help.

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The control switch just changes the polarity to the relay. It seems the relay has a problem with one of those polarities. I would say the relay almost certainly.

[edit] Actually, can you jumper that relay and run the motor in both directions. Alternatively, just put 12V straight to the motor to test.
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