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With the Saab reporting 101F today (38.3C) and the weather app confirming 100F (37.8C), I've found that it really makes a difference in the 9-5's cooling system performance to clean your radiator (and everything else sandwiched in there) once every other year or so. The first time I did this I actually noticed a pretty dramatic improvement in overall cooling system performance.

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Unfortunately you have to take the bumper, air hose, and horns (x2) off, but it's really not that hard. Front bumper removal on the 2006+ is pretty simple. I don't think it's too bad on the older cars, either.

Then all you do is get yourself a hose and a spray bottle of Coil Clean. This is an outside job. Spray down your radiator & co. with a bunch of Coil Clean, and let things sit for 10-15 minutes. Hose everything down thoroughly (but gently, DO NOT use a pressure washer) with a hose. Enjoy boosted a/c performance. Even in the 100F raging inferno my 9-5 is still keeping the cabin fairly nice and cool even after the car sat out for a bit.

Stay cool out there, and don't forget to hydrate!
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