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Vehicle concerned is a '92 9000T (the US kind, old 5-door body style.)

The car's been getting its 'midlife refit' little by little over the last year. First a front suspension rebuild, then the rear and exhaust system, and an Aero interior and a new headliner and a '97 CSE moonroof etc.

I've long been the Original Bilstein Bigot. They were OE on my '78 99EMS and I had them on my '81 900T and a couple other cars along the way and loved them all.

So I put a set on the '92 and everything from the glovebox to my testicles rattled. Enough was enough, so they quickly came off in favor of a set of 40K-mile junkyard CSE Sachs/Boges. But they're a little soft, particularly in front.

Is it consensus, then, that I need to do Konis?

I've had fair luck with them in other applications, a couple in which they're great and one in which they're spleen-killers, too hard in compression and too loose in rebound no matter how tightly you screw down the knob. I guess no one gets it right all the time.

I also managed to update to the 19mm rear Aero anti-roll bar for just about $0, and it helped somewhat. I've been considering the SAS bars, but 25mm seems like a huge increase in stiffness and probably a bit more than I want. Anyone out there do something in the 22mm front/rear territory?
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