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Strange squeak while driving...

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Well recently my 97 Aero has been making a squeaking noise while driving...The noise sounds like it is comming from the front left wheel area. However it seems to go away when I press the brakes. I changed the wheels on the weekend and peaked at the outer pads and the life is still great however I did not look at the inner pads...

Any ideas as to what this could be??
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Similar squeak on mine

Also seems to happen more when the wheel is being turned to the left..but it still happens when going straight...[/QUOTE]

Mechanic looked for the problem while he was sorting out my brakes and wheel alignment, but he couldn't isolate it. The squeak seems to be coming from the left rear wheel area. Could it be an internal fitting like the luggage holder in the boot? (although the fact that it happens when turning left might suggest steering or suspension) Has anyone had this problem and had it identified?
just fyi whoever may be needing squeaks diagnosed... it was the back seat where it clips into place in the upright position.

the clip was buckled and all it needed was some CRC and a good thump. Must have been the g-forces that made it squeak more when turning ;)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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