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Strange Shifting Problem

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My 99 5-speed manual has been operating perfectly. But the other day while my wife was driving it, my car stranded her. It wouldn't engage any gears.
With the engine running you can shift through all gears (including R) without using the clutch, and the shifter feels normal - like it is actually going into each gear - but the car won't move, there's no change in the sound (i.e. no rubbing of any parts).
The clutch pedal isn't limp either. The car will not move at all.
Is this a symptom of the CMC or CSC ? I have never known a clutch or trans to go from operating perfectly to non-functioning instantly without warning.
Any ideas?:roll:
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Something is broken between the shift control and the transmission, or so it seems. Do you feel the normal resistance from the gearbox during shifting?
More likely is the situation Ron alludes to, an axle shaft popping out. Its only held in place by a snap ring. This happened to me with the Honda(same design). Cars are one wheel drive, lose just one axle, and we have no wheel drive.
Your chutch system is probably fine, if it were to be on the fritz, you would have horrific grinding and clashing from your transmission.;oops::cry:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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