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Strange Brake Problem...

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Hi, hope someone may be able to shed light on this... Bought '93 T Conv last fall, and noticed that the brake pedal effort is really high compared to my other cars...Thought it could be vacuum leak/brake booster problem, but searching the archives I found that w/ABS, there is NO vacuum booster...

The only other symptom is that the Antilock and Brake fluid lights stay on for about 20 seconds after the car has started, but then go away and remain off...

Should I look at the ABS ECU? Does anyone know how to read the codes, or do I need to see a dealer/specialist?

Appreciate any feedback! :D

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Strange Brake Problem

Thanks for the info! :) I'll take a look at the accumulator to see if I can verify that's it's working correctly. Brakes well enough initially, but when I'm trying to come to a complete stop at an intersection, then I notice that I really have to lean into the pedal...Or it may just be typical of this system...

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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