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Storing outdoors over the winter

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I intend for my recently-purchased 2008 9-3 SC to be a 3-season car. I live in south central PA and we do occasionally get some snow and they put salt on the roads. This car is basically rust-free and I would like to keep it that way.
I unfortunately do not have indoor storage for it, so the big question in my mind is to get a car cover or not. We live in the woods, so the issue is keeping leaves and such from composting in the nooks and crannys. But on the other hand, I have read that covers can abrade the paint and trap moisture. Any thoughts?
Next, the manual has a list of things to do for long term parking that make sense to me, but the list includes "drain the washer fluid reservoir and hoses". Why would that be necessary? It's not going to go bad over the winter. It's not going to freeze (assuming it is wash fluid, not water).
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Can you find a self storage facility somewhere nearby? My main concern would be mice getting into it if it sits outside for a long period of time.
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