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Just had a similar discussion with EdT, and this is what I had mentioned:

With a good cover with an inner microfleece (or similar) layer, the risk of chafing the paint should be small. If you have the space, you might want to consider of getting a portable shelter or tent. Wash the car and let it dry before putting on the cover. If possible, apply some car wax. Apply some silicone or deer tallow to the door seals. Squeeze a bit of antifreeze into the key slots of the doors.
Vacuum the engine bay, remove all the leaves, twigs and other debris.

I wouldn't go through the ordeal of draining the washer fluid but making sure it's at least not freezing at -15 - -20C° (which is also recommended for the daily use in the cold season - think of the wind chill).

Apply at least 0.5 bar more pressure than recommended to the tires. If you want, get those thingies (don't know how they are called in English):

Take out the battery and store it in a frostfree place. If this is not possible, I recommend to buy a battery pulser/refresher/jogger and/or a charger which has a trickle charge mode. To avoid losing the settings, a memory save might work:
I vote to get it off the ground, cover it, wax coating the underneath, trickle charge the battery, and dryer stayic prevention cloths or mothballs everywhere and esecially the engine compartment.
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