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I've gone through a few car covers for my 2004 93 Arc convertible, which spends most of the time outside. It's a trip car, not a daily driver, so I keep it under a cover year-round. In my experience, the car covers you buy for around $100-$150 with the fleece lining are junk - they won't last more than a season or two before the sun just eats them away. The best one I've found is by Weather Shield. It was ridiculously expensive at around $500, but it's now on its third season, and outside of some slight color fading, is still going strong. It's made of what seems to be a thick nylon with elastic at either end and no fleece lining at all. It's breathable, stays on in the wind and so far has caused no rubbing on the paint. I do keep a good coat of wax on the car, though.

Like others here, I take it out and drive it on nice days to warm it up and recharge the battery (along with my own).

John Francis
Rolla, MO
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