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It isn't too difficult to replace the bulbs. On the driver's side, you need to remove the cover, pull out the windscreen wash filler tube (it pulls right off) and unclip the relay box from the front of the battery and swing it out of the way. Pull the rubber boot off the back, then untwist the bulb holder. Nothing special about the passenger side - IIRC, you can reach everything.

Be very carfefull not to touch the bulb with anything as yu handle it.

I found the easiest way to put the rubber boots back on was to roll back the first section, put the boot in position, and roll the edge lip back out.

That being said, let me explain why I know how to do this. I put the silverstar bulbs in back in February. I liked the light they produced, but three weeks ago, one of them burned out. The original factory bulbs went back in. Sometime earlier, I remember another post where someone tried the silverstar bulbs but they failed prematurely also. I guess they just don't like being on all the time.
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