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Hi there!

So, my stock clutch has finally given in on my -07 Aero 6 spd Manual... :cry:
I cannot however, blame SAAB for this as it was tortured by my girlfriend when we first bought the car since she hadn't quite grasped the art of manual shifting. I work abroad and are gone 6 weeks at the time, and during that time, she is raping my poor baby... During the first two weeks she was driving it alone she would hold the clutch in the "sweet spot" while controlling the speed with the brake pedal, this she would do in her daily commute into town until one day when she saw smoke coming out of the bonnet and the car gave off a really bad smell! On the phone she told me that the tow guy had told her that it was a probable electric fire (idiot), but after discussing the matter with my brother, we figured out it had to be the clutch (at this point I did not know she was riding the clutch like this), this was confirmed the next day when I managed to get in touch with the dealership in which she had the car towed the night before, the mech. I spoke with said that she took a good chunk out of the clutch in those two weeks!
Now she knows how to shift properly, but as is was weakened so severly, it has now given in and I'm getting clutch slippage...

Anyway, the car will go to the dealership and I'll get a new OEM clutch assembly, it's gonna cost me about 2500 USD for parts and labor, labor being the biggest bit. Does this sound reasonable to you guys??
Also, what are the power and torque limits of the stock Aero clutch, I'm thinking of getting the car V-tuned, but I'm not shelling out for a new clutch again in a year!

Thank you for reading, please comment! :D

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