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stiff steering, gas pedal vibrations - updated

UPDATE: turns out that I have a broken engine mount. The extent of damage is still TBD.


Hi, I'm a newbie here. I have a beautiful red 1988 Saab (aka the red devil) that I've been driving since April 05.

Earlier this week while highway driving I heard a weird "pop" sound and felt a little give in the gas pedal. When I slowed down I noticed that the steering had become very stiff. I felt slight vibration or maybe a resistance in the gas pedal too. To top it all off, I also heard weird "tinny" or "clinky" sounds.

Last week we had a bit of a flood in the neighbourhood and I drove the car through a puddle that was about a foot deep. I wonder if the puddle has anything to do with these problems?

I'm taking the car over to the local Saab dealer this afternoon (though I'm a little nervous about making the drive)....

Anyone have any ideas as to what has gone wrong?

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