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I've been searching for 2 days and have found nothing to compare to what I have going on. First is my in dash changer. Pushing the CD button the SID displays "No CD available". If I try to load a CD it does nothing. Like if it was unplugged. Sometimes if I hold down a button on the changer itself it will act like it's trying to eject a cd. The other problem is the only steering wheel controls that work are the volume and the seek. The seek went out the day I bought it, but after shutting the car off and back on it worked again. Can anyone help?

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much has been written about the crappy cd players in our cars.
I've changed mine. I was lucky to find a "new old stock" unit on ebay.
I changed mine cause of the skipping issue everyone else has. Also, folks complain about the steering wheel controls and I've read all kinds of opinions as to what causes that one.
I can tell you I used some CAL LUBE on my steering wheel controls switches and have not had a problem since. CAL LUBE is made for plastic switches and will not destroy the inside/plastics of the switch.
So far it's been a couple of months since I used the stuff and no problems. Some here Poo Poo spraying the switches and insist it's something more elaborate. I say "keep it simple" and since I'm an electronics hobbyist, I had the stuff on hand. I think it cost about $10 for a small spray can that will last for years. I first used it on my drivers window switch which was not working most of the times. Since I've sprayed that, NO PROBLEMS for over 5 months.
I hope my advice will help you out.
The product is called CaiLube MCL CAIG laboratories
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