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steering rack clamp

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Hallo from Erin's Isle

I recently bought a 96 900se turbo vert and must say I really love the car, but was very surprised by its lack of handling, luckily I discovered this site and quickly learned why! I bought a rear sway bar from mp immediately and was very pleased with their speedy service. For the steering rack clamp and brace and a 6 pt sub frame brace postage to sunny Ireland is prohibitive so I asked a neighbour who is a farmer/mechanic/whatever what he could do. He has fitted a brace from the original clamp (top bolt) to the top sway bar (1 inch bar connecting tp shock points) with a clamp attaching the bar to the strut. This has made a big difference to the steering, much less shudder and generally more solid feel. My question is if this is an ok modifiation as all the brace's I see are fitted to the inside wing to the eft of the clamp? Has anybody tried this before. I am a bit concerned about tire wear on my left front tire which seems to be wearing at the edge before the others. Also I have read about lateral movement in the steering rack and wonder if this brace will improve this as it from a different alignment. He also intends to construct a 6 point subframe brace based on the photos I have shown him. Again if anyone has any advice on this I would appreciate it.
Great forum and what I hope will be a great car soon.
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If it works, go with it, but here is a bit more info: part of the problem is the size of the rubber piece inside the stock steering rack clamp at the firewall. The older ng900 had a larger diameter rack and a smaller piece of rubber holding it, and less of a problem. The brace to the side pushes against the firewall in a different axis than something from the top, so each may be doing something else, not sure.
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