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Someone was advertising 4 rims for $40, with labels saying SAAB 13184138, so obviously OEM. As it turns out, bead area is in perfect shape and there was no hint of bends or wobbles when I spun them by hand on a back wheel.

Weight of these rims: about 19 lbs
Weight of light-ish 9-5 6.5x16 alloy rims: 18 lbs (on a good day)
Weight of heavy-ish 9-5 6.5x16 alloy rims: 21 lbs
Weight of 9-3 version of the 17" anniversary rims: 25 lbs

If I had found these rims a year ago, I would not have purchased 4 new Saab alloy rims for my NG9-3, I would totally have used these. And saved a bunch of money. And would have looked different from all the big alloy rim wearing cars out there (some of those rims may actually be round!).

Note that an old style NG900 6x15 alloy rim was only 15lbs. Oh well, won't fit over brakes.
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