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Starter issues, stuck at my gf's.

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I went to start my car just now, and it doesn't want to comply! Here's what happens- I get in, car has power, lights on, buzzer going off, headlights work, all that. Battery is BRAND SPANKING new, so no problems there. I go to start, and as soon as the starter goes to kick in, the car does that "kkkkkk" noise as a car with a dead battery makes when the starter can't turn. However, the lights go off, and the car loses electrical power at this point. I get under the hood, jiggle the + cable, and it all goes back to normal until I try to start it. I'm thinking it's a short somewhere. The car has been sitting around for a couple of months, only being drive once or twice. Got any ideas?
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The clicking is a solenoid (basically a relay). There is probably enough power (charge in the battery) for the electrical system but not for the starter. When the starter is energized, the additional current loads the battery and the battery voltage drops.

There are three ends to the positive battery cable (alternator, starter, battery). Check the cable ends for corrosion. A corroded battery cable can cary just enough current for radio and lights, but not enough for the starter.

The battery has six cells. One or more cells may have dried out a bit over a couple months, and are low on fluid and therefore too weak to charge properly.

Top up the battery (preferrably with distilled water), clean the battery terminals, jump the car if necessary, and drive it for an hour to get a good charge. Even after that, it can take a couple trips to charge it fully.
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Hm. 1st clue - Battery is brand spanking new. Sounds like it has been replaced recently then. 2nd clue - wiggling positive cable has effect.

Verdict: Remove battery cables from polepieces, clean, and attach SNUGLY. That should solve this case.

On the other hand - this sounds like a new version of the old "oops honey, seems we've run out of gas" trick, especially since you're now "stuck at the gf:s house". You might want to wait a couple of days before you try it out, she'll never know... ;)
Yeah, I'd say the key to it all is the positive cable. If jiggling the cable makes the ower come back my guess would then be (a.) positive cable post needs a good cleaning, (b.) that cable has corroded and needs to be replaced.
I'm leaning towards b, just because when the new battery went in, I bet the cable was sufficiently clean. I would check the condition of the cable ends.
... but then, if it's wigglable it's probably not tightened very well.
Maybe my issue relates to this one.....

My AC died about 2 days ago, no cold air, assumed it was dead, then my car just died (900 SE Turbo 2.0 1997) then came right back online while still cruising. Happened twice that day, once at 25 MPH, once at 65 MPH, it seemed to want to stall at idle.

Next day everything worked fine except the air was not working. Today I come to work and the thing died again going aroun 65MPH, came right back up, then as I was coming into the parking lot it dies again, but this time, it doesnt come back up and I drive it into a spot dead.

Now the car will not start, I turn the key and all electrical comes on, turn the key to start and all I get is a click. Whats wrong?

Do you think that the cable is loose? Any other ideas?
Yours Leoworth, sounds like a loose wire, bad battery, or the alternator has died. I would suggest first to check the wire connections at the alternator. They are somewhat exposed to road, so maybe a rock hit it. Following that check I would take the battery to an automotive store that can test batteries, Autozone will do a load test on it for free. If that turns out to be ok, you may want to find a shop campable of testing the alternator while its in the car. Hopefully you can get some answers.
'ey max.

an older car like yours....
take the cables off and sand the battery post, and the inside of the
conectors. rough 'em up as good as you can.

then go to autozone, and in the battery care section they sell aerosol cans of battery terminal protectant. looks like spraypaint. has a picture of a cat on it. and it's like $4.

that's typically what makes what is happening to you...happen.
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