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Hi everyone, I don't usually post to forums and have read a lot about the CBV and am about to replace mine, but i have a question before I do...

Basically, my 99 4cyl (100k) has had this chronic coolant leak for about 3 months and I usually just top off the expansion tank but the problem is my wife stalled out when she stopped at our garage entrance yesterday and could not get the car to start again (at this point there was full coolant). I went downstairs and got it to start, but could not hold idle (i had to keep gas pressed). So my dad, the retired mechanic tells me to try fuel injector cleaner (lucas) so I'm sitting there running it through for about 25 mins when it starts smoking and I realize theres coolant everywhere and CBV is now shot (hopefully just the CBV and not hoses too!)....soooo my question is, in your experience, do you think these issues are related? will fixing CBV cure idle? or do you think they are independent events, caused by me running the car at somewhat raised RPM?

If you think they are 2 separate problems, can you please provide some thoughts for the cause of stalling so I can maybe try and fix these together? the Diverter valve is new, and the only other time it doesn't like to start is when the engine is warm and i park on sort of a sideways incline (in this case i just start it and give gas for a second and it's fine)....oh yea, and I have a CEL that goes on and off every few weeks usually scans as an isolated misfire on cyl4 or something like that (DI cassette never replaced, nor CPS)

other than this I have very few problems....thanks guys!
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