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I had recently purchased a stage 2 set up from Taliaferro including 2.5" catback exhaust and viggen ic.
before I received it I noticed my flex pipe was not in the best condition so I also ordered their 3" downpipe which was needed for stage 3.
I couldn't change my ECU upgrade at this point because it had already shipped.
all parts installed and now the car runs like crap!
it's lacking power big time, mainly low end but also top too.
I've sent Nick an email asking if the ECU should be retuned to stage 3 because I did the downpipe too but never heard back so I'm asking here.
should I have the ECU tuned to stage 3 or do my problems lie elsewhere?
the car ran better stock than it does now...

cold air intake K&N filter
Forge BOV
Forge WGA (green spring)
3" downpipe
2.5" sport exhaust
Nordic ECU stage 2
Taliaferro short throw shifter
93 octane fuel
new plugs, oil, oil filter, etc.....
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