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Springs for a 97 900... who makes em?

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I am sort of a noob here, so forgive me if this is old hat...

I just got a new set of wheels on my 97 900 SE Turbo and everyone I know is saying "Now you have to lower it." And hey, I listen to people. I think it would look great, handle better, etc. But unfortunately, I don't know jack about who makes springs to fit it.

Also, I think it needs other stuff (bushings, wheel bearing, shocks), so I was thinking that this will end up as a project, a handling overhaul. Is there a resource best suited for all of these needs?

And finally, what may be a stupid question... or a super loaded one... The 900 (94-98) looks a lot like the 9-3. What kind of compatibility do these cars share? For example, I was looking into various body kits/chin spoilers that would fit the 900, but found diddly squat. Can the 9-3 pieces fit (or be adapted to) the 900?

Thanks for any help!
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9-3 and NG900 springs are NOT interchangeable.

There are six or seven different companies who make springs for the NG900, and you can find more information about them by searching the boards...The same is true for your other questions, as all of those topics have been addressed. There's a good FAQ listed at the top of the NG900 board that might be helpful

Good luck!
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