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Springs for a 97 900... who makes em?

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I am sort of a noob here, so forgive me if this is old hat...

I just got a new set of wheels on my 97 900 SE Turbo and everyone I know is saying "Now you have to lower it." And hey, I listen to people. I think it would look great, handle better, etc. But unfortunately, I don't know jack about who makes springs to fit it.

Also, I think it needs other stuff (bushings, wheel bearing, shocks), so I was thinking that this will end up as a project, a handling overhaul. Is there a resource best suited for all of these needs?

And finally, what may be a stupid question... or a super loaded one... The 900 (94-98) looks a lot like the 9-3. What kind of compatibility do these cars share? For example, I was looking into various body kits/chin spoilers that would fit the 900, but found diddly squat. Can the 9-3 pieces fit (or be adapted to) the 900?

Thanks for any help!
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The low bumpers are most certainly different on the 900 and 9-3. Many peolpe have adapted parts to fit both even if they weren't originally made to. I think the side skirts are interchangeable though, so that's a start...
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