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sport suspension?

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i have looked on all the major sites for shocks/suspension packages for my saab. i have found all kinds of stuff for the ng (koni makes a great setup) but have yet to find a matched set of lowering springs with proper shocks to go with......yes i have searched the threads but have not been successfull. can anybody help?
the lucky recipient wil be my '92 900s vert...........thanks
'92 900s vert
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Not really what you asked, but I will insert my standard recomendation for my set up - Kilen -25mm springs and Bilstein shocks. Absolutely fantastic. Very tight and controlled, no wallow, no crashiness, without being overly stiff, so you get a decent ride. If you're after a good fast road setup I can't recommend this highly enough.

In fact, Paul @ WMSS who fitted it all for me (he had not come across the Kilens at the time) commented how well it handled the other day when he serviced it - given that he knows c900s inside out, this is praise indeed :cool:
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