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My muffler is rusting out and it failed inspection because of it. Local exhaust shop (Lou's Custom Exhaust in Worcester, MA) quoted me $150 for new muffler w/ lifetime warranty. They did some other work on the exhaust a couple of years ago where one of the pipe sections rusted out. I think they installed new flex pipe and replaced one other section as well.

I'd like to just replace the stock cat-back with a new/used sport exhaust. Saab OEM, BSR, Ferrita, any of those brands will work. I live in the Worcester, MA area and would be willing to drive a couple of hours to pick it up. I'd consider paying for shipping, depending on the total price for exhaust + s/h.

If you have anything, let me know ASAP. I currently have a "Rejected" inspection sticker that is only good for the next 60 days. If I can't find anything before end of April I will just get it repaired.

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