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Speedo cable on my 91 Turbo Cab snapped at the top a few weeks ago (luckily I could remember what revs I was doing at 60, 80 and 100Km/h). Armed with a new second-hand cable and information from this forum and various other web sites I felt secure enough to do the replacement myself.

In all, most of the instructions I had seen were accurate, but none really mentioned how much of the dash would need to be taken out, so I ended up removing it in sections, most of the time I spent was reconnecting all of the switches and controls putting it back together.

The cable is not too difficult to remove, provided you have access underneath the car to undo the bolt holding the clip on the transmission end in place. I couldn't pull the cable through from the engine side so I opened up the dash and lifted the cable out from where it ends up being wedged. The most difficult part of putting the new cable in was reaching the clip on the front of the firewall with enough movement in my hand to be able to put the cable under it. I was tempted to leave it but it is very close to the timing belt so likely to fail again if left off.

All in all, was not unmanageable, and I can now see how much I was breaking the speed limits by :D
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