Jacob Kuschel
Springfield, MO
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Flywheel - $350 shipped OBO
Clutch Disc - Make an offer

I have a Spec SS23A-4 aluminum flywheel for sale. This is for the 2.8 V6 9-3 with the 6-speed FWD (XWD and 2.0 cars use different flywheels) When I first got my 2006 9-3 Aero, the clutch went out. As part of that I got this flywheel and a carbon-kevlar clutch for it. The car drove well, but these F40 transmissions have two output shafts and when you put a single mass flywheel on them it causes it to make a clacking sound. I never took a video of it on my car specifically, but here is a video showing what I am talking about. I underestimated the sound when reading about it before buying the flywheel, and it did annoy me. I want whoever buys this to realize what they are getting and do plenty of research, as I wasn't fully happy with my purchase. I bought the flywheel because it was cheaper than the dual mass ($480 vs $700) and I liked the idea of the performance. Fixing the car took long enough and the car was new enough to me that I don't have a memory for comparing the rev hang times vs stock. My slave cylinder recently went bad and while I have everything apart I decided to switch back to a stock dual mass flywheel and a Sachs clutch disc. I had about 2000-3000 miles on this flywheel, and you can see some heat spots but the crosshatching where the face was ground is still there. The friction face is a replaceable part, and I believe the part number is SS23A-2-FPK but definitely call Spec to confirm, looks like ~$100 to have a fresh friction face. This flywheel also should be paired with a sprung clutch disc.
I have the dowel pins for the stock clutch style installed but will include the pins for installing a Spec clutch. I also have this washer plate to go on it to spread the load of the bolts, and will throw the bolts in the package but don't necessarily recommend reusing them (they are torque to yield I believe). The clutch disc is also for sale and should work on all FWD 6-speed cars (2.0 and 2.8), although I believe brake fluid probably got on it when the slave failed. I can't confirm either way but it is best to assume it has been containated in my eyes. If anyone wants to take that gamble just make an offer. The disc should be paired with a Sachs Performance pressure plate (Sachs 883082.001783) if anyone wants it. As always feel free to ask questions!