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Speaker Upgrade?????

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I finally got my door speakers workin again(it was the amp) but my stupid self threw out the pioneers that i had in there cuz i thought they were the problem, but i think the amp blew becuase of them anyway cuz they were with crossovers or something like that and stock amp couldnt hold up... I dont know 2 much about audio

Anyway im running stockers now and they sound like crap so im wondering if anyone can suggest some door spreakers that are relativley cheap, a direct fit, and provide good bass, and that wont be a risk to blowing up the stock amp

Also maybe some rear spreakers that are a direct fit also.... Thanks.
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Im looking for more of an upgrade over stock speakers that would go good with the stock amp... And i wouldnt have the patience to refoam them lol
I refoamed my 6.5" door and 6x9" rear speakers over a year ago for about $5/speaker. And they still sound fine today. I bought the foam kits on ebay. The hardest part was getting the old foam off, but once that's done it's just put glue on both edges of the foam, clamp with small paper clamps and wait till they're dry... Ron
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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