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Speaker Upgrade?????

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I finally got my door speakers workin again(it was the amp) but my stupid self threw out the pioneers that i had in there cuz i thought they were the problem, but i think the amp blew becuase of them anyway cuz they were with crossovers or something like that and stock amp couldnt hold up... I dont know 2 much about audio

Anyway im running stockers now and they sound like crap so im wondering if anyone can suggest some door spreakers that are relativley cheap, a direct fit, and provide good bass, and that wont be a risk to blowing up the stock amp

Also maybe some rear spreakers that are a direct fit also.... Thanks.
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Infinity, hands down. They're the best for the price. Polk comes in second.

Or... whatever you find on sale.

Now, with that said, I've never seen a car with worse speaker placement and insulation. There is no easy fix for the placement, but you can dynamat the doors.

The rear speakers are slightly more of an issue. Any good aftermarket speakers are going to have a larger magnet that rubs against the carpeting. I also found that infinity 6x9s won't mount on the top (if I remember correctly) you have to mount them on the bottom with some nuts and bolts from your local hardware store.

No matter what you do, it's not going to sound very good without proper insulation. The car has a terrible speaker layout.
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