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I found a new source of DI Cassettes, with the lowest prices I have seen yet:
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Product: OEM, new, T-5 (Red) & T-7 (Black) DI Cassettes
Price: $350.00 + shipping (for either the T-5 OR the T-7)
Web Site:
Parts are currently in stock, with new shipments arriving daily.
This merchant prefers Paypal, and the site currently does not permit ordering online. He prefers telephone orders (he is slow getting to his e-mail).
Ignore the cheesy cheesecake art on the home page.
I have used this site previously for used Classic 900 parts, and gotten good results. When ordering (over the phone) a used intermediate pipe for a Classic 900 he mentioned that he was selling new DI cassettes and said T-5 and T-7 were $350.00 + shipping. So I got one of those too, for a spare. Had it the next day, along with the exhaust pipe. He is also selling new Classic 900 headlights for $169.00.
The shipping may not make this a very good deal for our brethren outside the US, but I thought I would let you all know. The T-7 price is a real steal.
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