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I get low boost, and a "hissing noise under revs" My APC was bad so i was driving for about a week with the wastegate hose disconnected before this happened.

Under engine revs I now get a "hissing noise" I can get the noise when the car is parked and I rev it, but cannot hear it in the engine compartment with the hood up. I can only hear it if I am sitting in the car, with the door open and my head at the level of the road (got some funny looks from the neighbors) and I can also hear it when I am going down the road and there is something next to me to reflect the sound.

I do not get the noise at idle, initially I thought it was a boost leak, but I disconnected all my IC hoses last night and inspected them, they all look good. Also, I get the noise at revs, when the turbo pressure gage doesnt even get up to 1/4. Checked the bypass valve and it is good too.

Any ideas? I was thinking maybe an exhaust leak? but why would this cause low boost? and why would it only be a hiss and not a purr with some engine noise? Maybe a clogged converter?
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