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Sound System Issues/Problems

Hello all I have some issues and questions regarding the installation of aftermarket amps and subwoofers. I have a 2001 9-5 Aero with the factory 9 speaker Harmon Kardon system. I do not have a factory subwoofer although I am almost fully positively certain that the rear 6x9s are powered by a factory amp mounted on the topside of inside the trunk.

This winter my 6x9s died. I recently replaced them with some cheap Alpine 6x9s from Futureshop. The two factory 6x9s have no information as to wattage and impedance. The speaker swap was an ordeal to figure out but I managed.

Now for the fun bit. My friend works at a junkyard and he tries his best to recuperate any sound system components that he sees come in. To cut it short, we installed two 10" MTX subwoofers (that were used and sat for who knows how long). I bought an Alpine MRV500 mono amp so we bridged the two subwoofers from the two rear 6x9s speaker wires. Within half an hour of finishing the install (which was not improperly done) and we (I) blew the two MTX subs. The next day we switched them out for two used 10" Sony subwoofers which my friend ran in car without problems. A week later, I blew those.

So now, before I go out and buy two brand new subwoofers (I have my eyes set on Alpine Type-R) and recklessly blow them and my money I want to figure out why the subwoofers are blowing. I have drawn some sort of conclusion that perhaps since the subwoofers are bridged off of two amped 6x9s, it is possible that the amp not only powers the 6x9s but that the power also continued on to the subs then on top of the aftermarket amp also giving juice I can only imagine that this lead to too much power and then "pop". Am I correct? The Sony subwoofers were rated to 400W at 4ohms, my Alpine amp is only 500W 2ohm or 350W 4ohm so I can't imagine any other reason for the Sonys blowing unless of course the factory amp was also powering them.

Do I need to bypass this factory amp? Is it not as simple as simply powering the amp and then stealing the signal from the 6x9s?

Also I want some specs on my car's soundsystem, ie the wattage and impedance of the speakers in particular. I popped out the deck and was surprised to see that the 9 Harmon Kardon speakers are powered by a Pioneer deck!!! Hah!

Thursday evening I have a free half hour appointment with a reputable sound system company in-town. I want to know as much as possible about my car's audio system before I go in there and listen to them try and sell me one or two thousand dollars worth of merchandise.
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