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This is strange, to me.
A 93, 9000 CSI.

RF low beam does not work, left does, I have checked, the bulb, all good, checked the power source, no power is coming to 4v pin connector, that connects to the headlight unit.

Initially it appeared it was an earth connection, as when I wriggled it, it worked.
But now the power to the right side low beam has disappeared, I checked the connector for power, no power.
The high beam lights, all work, as do the park lights.

It appears to be a broken wire, connection between the left side of the car to the right side.

Has anyone had this happen, if so, where did you find to bad connection, broken wire?

Is it possible it is the main light relay, I would have thought not as it the left side works?


How silly of me!!!
It was the low beam fuse!!!
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