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"The Back Story":

I support an artist, now 70 years old, and for whom I had bought a 2002 Saab 9-5 wagon that he loved. While sitting in an intersection,
waiting to turn, a young lady t-boned him, and totalled his beloved wagon.

We looked at several cars in the ensuing several weeks. Around the same time, another friend's son returned his loaner car.
He had gone to Austin, TX to take his first job after college, and borrowed this car for that trip. The car was excess to my
friend's needs. Since he already owned a pristine 1990 grey C900 vert, which never sees winter and also was a NoCal native,
he put this Saab, purchased in Napa, CA where it had always resided, up for sale.

My friend made him a modest offer, which he accepted. So, technically, the car has only seen "midwestern service" since 2016, July.

As a 70 year old "retired art photographer", my friend doesn't drive much. He lives in the old part of Milwaukee, Walker's Point.
While the car has since "seen 3 winters" it shows no side effects -- pan is tight, and body is well maintained. Since he is also
"an artist" i'll not claim its seen "the best of care" as previous owner would have done. "Its a car." He fixes things when they are
a priority, and if they do not get in the way of his "main interest in life", making art.

The car was stolen from my friend's yard last fall. He was crestfallen. He had video surveillance showing some creep crawling over a
retaining wall, into his yard, and casually lighting a cigarette as he "worked on the ignition" for 20 minutes. Five weeks later my
friend, miraculously, gets a call from the local police pound. The car had shown up some 2 miles from his house, with a bevy of
parking tickets!

We went to the pound "expecting the worst" as these cases generally go. When the pound worker "drove up in the car" using my
friend's spare key -- we were amazed.

There was some damage. The left rear tail light had been broken -- hit so hard that it pranged the receiving sheet metal. But not so hard that
a replacement tail light, sourced from a bone yard in Indiana, didn't mount. Its not perfect. I thought about throwing a hissy fit, and suggested
that my friend "put in in the body shop, straight away". Alas, he's an artist -- not a collector.

And, making matters more complicated, he got married over the 2020 new year holiday. To a woman "who does not favor that car"; rather she
likes her Dad's Suburban, or her own aging Jetta wagon. "Old cars aren't as safe, and they require a lot of maintenance!"

So, every time this car burps, the subject comes up: "when is that thing going?"

Well, it burped -- again -- this weekend. Dropped a fan belt. Went to the shop for repair -- on the tow truck.

I got the call. "Find my Saab a good home, please".

The first $2,000 that shows up here, in Milwaukee, gets to "drive her home". For a $500 fee, prepaid, plus small expenses, I'll deliver it in the 48 states..

Drop me a PM if you have questions, or interest. Please do not post here, as I do not read it regularly.


So, here are some recent maintenance events & specs:

New exhaust -- complete -- from O2 pipes to rear exit installed.

Good tires.

Great, smooth running engine and automatic transmission. No issues.

ABS warning light refuses to extinguish, for no apparent reason. ABS pump is fine, and brakes work well.

OEM Clarion radio-tape player included, but a replacement Clarion/BT head has been installed. Seats are
"merely OK" with some wear.

A factory "dog divider", new in box, never installed, is included.

A spare set of rear trailing arms, with new bushings complete, panhard rod, not installed will be
included. Rear shocks will need replacement soon, and these parts were acquired to enable a full
rear suspension rebuild to be prebuilt "on the bench".

A/C repair parts {everything except compressor} are included, as A/C does not currently blow cold.
Car was never converted from R12. Heater and blower work well.

Black exterior. Saddle leather interior. Sunroof. No turbo.

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I'm massively tempted to bring that to Texas. My oldest son, whom is autistic, wants my 2002 9-5 aero (stage 1) but I can't put him in that. I'm obviously not local, but I have a close friend in Pittsville Wi (near Marshfield) and I'm coming up there possibly to sell some my paintings at an art festival this spring in Stevens Point (April 5). I probably have some of the same artists mentality toward car maintenance, but I've also owned SAABs since 1982 and with the exception of transmission work do all my own maintenance. Tempted... )
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