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Name: Bruce

Location: Brownsburg, IN

Means of contact: [email protected] or 410.804.3897 - texts only please, I cannot pick up during work.

Price: $3700 OBO

I am selling my baby, she has 110,xxx Miles, automatic transmission. It's an 07 so if you prefer the pre-facelift but like the post-facelift interior, this is the one!

The Good:
  • Daily Drivable - I drive her at least 3 times a week, no issues very dependable
  • Immaculate interior except for a few imperfections on the driver leather seat
  • Paint is in overall good condition for its age (13 years old!)
  • No issues mechanically, no weird noises, everything works, no warning lights (other than non-serious ones like washer fluid, bulb out, etc)
  • Clean title
  • No leaks of any kind
  • Custom exhaust sounds great, it really brings out the V6 sound.
  • airbag recall was done this week by a Cadillac dealer, and they also performed a complimentary inspection, everything checked out.
  • overall, excellent condition for its age, pictures speak for themselves.
The Bad
  • could use a tune-up (idles very smooth, no misfiles but very rarely it hiccups)
  • A lot of tire tread left but tire noise can be heard at highway speeds
  • I believe it could use new wheel bearings
  • there is a dent on the trunk lid, right where the Saab emblem is
  • mild clear coat peel on the front bumper
  • driver side, side skirt has small damage underneath but most of the damage cannot be seen.
  • fuel gauge doesn't work like the rest of em
  • the dealer I bought it from screwed up on paper-work so the title reads NOT ACTUAL on the milage but it is in fact accurate. I know how this sounds, I don't expect you to trust me but I am telling it like it is just like the rest of this ad.
I enjoyed owning this car but I want to try something new. I probably forgot some other details so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.









listing - Google Drive
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