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So Happy and So Angry

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So I picked up my brand spanking new 9-3 Arc, black fully loaded. Couldnt be happier!! So as I pull up home and shut off the car, I do a walk around the car, to give it the once over before it leaves my sight. As i am walking around, i hear a loud hissing sound. I inspect a little closer and cant seem to locate it. I walk in and back out after a few minutes to admire it again. What do i see, a flat tire!! I was so angry. I didnt even have the car for a full hour and already got a flat. The roads here in NJ are terrible!! So much construction going on and what not. Well, anyway I was able to get the tire fixed ASAP and all is well again.

Can I say how much i love this car!!
Would it be wrong if i slept in it tonight? ;) :lol:

Ps - i'll try to take pics and post them ASAP, as soon as the weather permits.
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Heh heh. :) So what was it? An industrial strength hypodermic needle?

Flat tires stink. Especially those mysterious ones where they just seem to lose air, you bring it in to have it checked and the tire guy can't find a thing wrong with it. :)
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