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Does the V6 Aero (or any Saab) require dedicated snow tires to drive well in snow? I have all-season performance tires on my FWD Acura, I've never been stuck so I guess they're ok but I can't pull into snow packed parking stall if it's on an incline. I would think Saab does fine in the snow since they're engineered/built/tested in Sweden. Right?
Im switching to dedicated snow tires next year. But no its not needed. Snow driving really depends on the driver, as I have seen AWD cars stuck in the snow when my car did just fine (yes im pretty sure those people were from CA or TX). the only problem is ground clearance. as long as you are not pushing snow you should be fine. Saabs were also used as cop cars up in Aspen, CO (ski resort) http:// So that might tell you a little something about how well Saabs do in the snow
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