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Snow performance

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Does the V6 Aero (or any Saab) require dedicated snow tires to drive well in snow? I have all-season performance tires on my FWD Acura, I've never been stuck so I guess they're ok but I can't pull into snow packed parking stall if it's on an incline. I would think Saab does fine in the snow since they're engineered/built/tested in Sweden. Right?
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I'll second the above post. My girlfriend's Pontiac Grand Prix GT is better in the snow due to the heavier front end; our car is very light (at least the 2.0T). This car is nothing special in the snow without winter tires and if you've got serious snow I would recommend going with snow tires. I'm from an area in Michigan that saw a couple hundred inches a year and am familiar with snow driving; if I still lived there I'd get snows (or go back to AWD). I had an impreza and saab 92x previously and the AWD is a huge difference in snow/slush when it comes to using only all-seasons. Now with much less snow...I love the gas mileage of the light FWD!

I currently have Bridgestone Potenza 960 pole positions and they're not that good in the snow on the 93, but great the rest of the time. Try it if you want, but if you deal at all with poor plowing or parking in unplowed spots or much snow in general, I'd say just get the snows. You'll be out the cost of some rims, but your AS tires will last that much longer due to using the snows so you're really not out much extra.
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