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Hi – this time I wont ask how soon should I get it fixed, but instead why the mechanic keeps telling me the old turbo is OK :confused:

Ugly smoke started months ago, only on full boost WOT - straight after going to full-synth Mobil1 oil from Castrol blend and the latest PCV kit fix. After advice from this forum I took it in – the guy (supposed to be Saab trained/qualified) said that when they replaced my PCV hoses, some oil was left in the pipes = smoke.

He cleaned it, tested it on very steep central city hills – no smoke (can’t go 100km/h there). My next blast test on the motorway (weather finally permitting), auto-box kick-down 4th to 3rd, from 80 to 100+ km/h fast, showed much less smoke, but still smoke that was never there before. My 2000 9-5 SE 2.0 has ~70k kms and frequent service/oil change last 2yrs (no svc history prior)
Took it in today for an air vent switch fix and new turbo… He said he could not fault the turbo, saying it is correctly registering .9 bars (relayed message via reception, the number is probably wrong).

I am scared to boot it when I need/want to – no way to drive a turbo Saab… What is that smoke if not failing O rings on the turbo?
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