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After hours of reading about failed turbos, head gaskets and oil coolers, i am confused where to start fixing my saab.

I have a 2005 9-5 v6 arc.

Here are my symptoms:
1. Engine seems to be running smoothly
2. large amount of smoke from tail pipe, possibly some moisture in exhaust
3. I changed the oil and found radiator fluid has mixed with the oil, but no oil is present in the radiator when i flushed the radiator, nor was the fluid low in the radiator?!
4. After it started smoking on the freeway and me giving the car hell :( (lesson learned), i pulled over and the oil was about a quart or so low, but no oil leaks present.
5. I tried some head gasket repair kit and ran it through my radiator, which did nothing to help my problem, as i do not believe it is the head gasket itself since the care is running fine.
6. Ever since i bought the car the head gasket has had some minor leakage but nothing serious enough to even drip.

What are some trial and error techniques that i can use to rule out the possibilities to narrow down what i need to start fixing.

Is it a blown head gasket, and how can I check?
Is it an oil cooler leak? How to check?
Turbo? Test or check?

Impress me guys.... Let me know what you think, it would do me and my family a great service
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