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Hi everyone, I decided I'd take the plunge and make my first car a Saab because weird cars are great lol

Im not sure if that's something that's normal or if it's the battery or something with the ignition system but if some of you could give me ideas to kinda put to the test what the cause of a delayed time to turn over might be then that'd be great.

Also, when I first got it home me and my aunt's husband heard a weird waterfall like sound almost when the heat was on but it's a sound I haven't really heard since.

also what are some things I should look out for with my car that might be more unique to that era of Saab?
I've heard that they like to chew through turbos around the 100k mile mark, which I'm just about 4k shy of.

It has a bit over 96,000 miles, one owner and no accidents. I never did pull the carfax to see how much of the maintenance history had been reported to them but from the way it is cosmetically I get the feeling that the previous owner did take good care of their car. The dealer had an autocheck to give me and Autocheck gave it a score of 51/43
It's one of the earlier 9-3s as it was made in November of 2002. Not sure when 2003s started rolling off the line in Trollhättan but yeah lol
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