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Hi there, first post ever here, and my first day of visiting this forum.

I recently (yesterday!) purchased my first car, a 9-3 Linear Sport 2005, I went with the 1.8 non-turbo (injection) engine, at 122hp (manual) as I want no trouble with turbos going bad and will only be doing long distance driving.

Here's a few pics before I continue with my problem (linking, so I'll leave it to those interested):


I've noticed when in 2nd/3rd gear, the car will 'jump' or break for a slight second when I release the gas pedal, and nothing else, it doesn't happen when I shift gears or anything, only when I release the gas.

I've checked the engine mounts (if you call it that, I'm Norwegian:() because I read somewhere else that if they were loose, it could be causing the problem, then again they all seem to be in perfect condition.

What else that was listed after browsing through several forums was transmission troubles, but i suspect this would impact any gear shift (not just 2nd/3rd), and also how it runs normally, which seems perfectly smooth).

Other things were petrol-filter/air filter and fuel injection system/control. What all this means I really don't know, and especially not how this would cause this little jump that is very similar to releasing the clutch too fast.

Phew that ended up with quite a bit of text, so I'll just add a short tldr for those not bothered, but might be able to help.

TLDR; My car jumps/breaks slightly after releasing the gas, and then proceeds to run normally. This only happens in 2nd/3rd gear between 1-4k revs.

Thanks in advance, cheers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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