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Do you like the sleeper look or does your car say "don't even think about it?"

  • Sleeper-If I want rice, I'll buy some Uncle Ben's.

    Votes: 323 42.8%
  • "Tasteful" appearance mods.

    Votes: 83 11.0%
  • "Tasteful" mods but the power to back it up.

    Votes: 334 44.3%
  • Rice Storm 5000!!!!!!

    Votes: 14 1.9%

  • Total voters
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how do you tell your friends a old geezer in a wagon blew you avay
Like ol' Gus Mcmahon, the guy who came up with the $10 ball and spring manual boost controller. He used the original on a Plymouth turbo mini-van that he used to take to the track and whomp on cars like vintage corvettes and other muscle cars.
241 - 245 of 245 Posts