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Location: Rhode Island

Description: This is a remanufactured SID2 for a 1999-2002 Old Generation 9-3. Obviously it will fit a 2003 9-3 convertible as well.

All SID2 functions work appropriately. From time to time there is a vertical "blank line" that appears on the display directly to the left of where the decimal point would be if a radio station was displayed. I observed this on several occasions. Upon shutting the car off to run my errands and turning it back on, the "blank line" would go away and that particular line would function as normal.

I am selling the unit for $45.00. The price is well below the going rate and is therefore a firm price.

P/M me if interested. I will ship the item for an additional charge of which would be determined once I receive the destination zip code.


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