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SID replacement….

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I have burnt/damaged pixels on SID. Can I just buy the SID on eBay and swap it? Thanks


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Yes you can but you need to marry it to car with TECH2.
There used to be a guy on ebay that rebuilt them.
What is an advantage of rebuilding vs replacing?
Cost of the part or….it’s better to stick with original device due to remote key receiver, etc…???
My 2004 Sedan has p/n 12802403
Is it Ok to replace with p/n 12798727?

Sorry,can't find this info on esaabparts, need a little help. Thanks
Yes. They are interchangeable.
“…. but you need to marry it to car with TECH2.”

Sure? I’ve just swapped the SID. Couldn’t find add SIM in Tech2. The car starts fine, remote key works fine. Scanned w Tech2, no error codes displayed.
Did you swapped only display unit?
If yes, no need of do anything.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts