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Hi fellow Saab enthusiasts, I just wanted to give a shout out to Saab USA Parts ( for their exceptional customer service and highly recommend everyone to get their parts/supplies from their website.
I recently placed an order for a DI Cassette, touch your paint, etc. and FedEx lost my package but said it was delivered. I contacted Saab USA Parts immediately and Mike Ohannesian was really helpful and made a few calls around to see how he could help me. Within a few days after calling FedEx and realizing that the package is likely lost, he immediately overnight a new shipment to me.
This is pretty incredible and rare customer service. The company could have simply asked me to file a lost claim but instead chose to take care of the customer. I don’t usually write things like this but they really deserve to be recognized for this. Also, they had the best price for most of the parts I’m was buying and free shipping for my order!
To top things off, they sent me two keychains for free! Wow!!!!


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