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I drive a 1999 9-5 automatic, which presently is set up with the short style serpentine belt (without center idler pulley). My a/c compressor is problematic and, not wanting to replace it, I'd much rather bypass it altogether. But I don't know what belt length that would be. Anybody?

I did find out that the 9-5s offered in Europe came with optional a/c, therefore there are different belt specs depending on whether you've got a/c. But these specs presume you are routing around the center idler (long belt) (and I believe this is the belt for it: 6PK-1980). But if I can figure out which belt to get for short and minus a/c, then I don't have to install a new center idler (which I've been told is a pain) and of course I don't have to replace the compressor (which is a pain and expensive!).

Many thanks to anyone with info or thoughts on this!
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