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Shock absorber advice for my 9-5 2006

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Hi guys
I have a 9-5 2006 that I keep in top condition. My problem is that the shock absorbers are very hard and the car looses it's "limousine" feeling that the older 9-5 had before GM messed everything up 馃が

I had a 9-5 1998 and the shocks where much softer. Unfortunately they don't fit the Dame Edna models.

Is there any third party shock absorbers fitting my car that will give me that limo feeling back?
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I bought the Bilstein B6 Performance and love them. It's been 46,000 miles and they've been terrific. Smooth but handles well.
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Unlikely you would enjoy Bilstein B6 s. Fair chance even the much less aggressive B4 versions would give you the exact ride /feel you are asking about.
Konis might they are Adjustable. But also not free and therefore a buy with some risk.
Could always try some Monroes or other 3rd tier shocks Certainly Much cheaper
Bilstein B4 might work. B6 are quite stiff.

Looks like 2002-up 9-5 all used same suspension parts.

It appears that Sachs is available front and back, go with standard option if you want a cushier ride.
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Monroe shocks are surprisingly good on these cars. I've had a pair on the front of my 2000 Aero wagon for several years, and I have no complaints.
You could also try the KYB Excel-G if you don't mind hearing some more or less well founded opinions about them. ;)

(For my taste, they are a bit too soft; next time I would go with the Bilstein B4 which are in the Volvo of my wife and are a fraction firmer.)
Yeah the 9-5 does not have a "limousine" ride even when new. They used a more sportier shock. The best thing you can do is get some taller tires on smaller rims like a 16".

Personally GM did nothing wrong with the 9-5. I have loved everyone I have owned.
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