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ASKING $3500(Please reference the SC or you get the higher price..) OBO Call 630-913-2820

Year: 2000
Make: SAAB
Model: 9-3
Sub-Model: SE (T7, 2.0L High Output Turbo Engine 10PSI )
On it's second motor The first was replaced by the first owner under warranty at the dealer

On it's 3 Coil pack (all replaced under warranty the last was replaced under the recall)
Fully Loaded And ELECTRIC EVERYTHING Sunroof
145mph+ capable (verified)

1. 175Psi 2.185Psi 3.175Psi 4.165Psi

1. 185Psi 2.190Psi 3.185Psi 4.185Psi
Engine Was warm while Doing test.

Fuel Pressure
38Psi @ Idle Does raise over 40 easily with light revs

As Soon as I bought the car I preformed the following (I've put 10K on the car)

Cylinder Flush To remove carbon deposits
Injector back flush
Throttle body (which was fairly clean)
Intake manifold cleaning
Fuel filter change
Oil & Filter change (Was Just changed again) I only Run Pennzoil Platinum Euro Spec($9.50/Quart)
Valve cover removal and Gasket replacement For sludge check. (None Present)
Throttle body Coolant bypass.
Intake Mani baffle/resonator removal.
New Plugs (Also Just Replaced Recently I use NGK COOPERS they work Better but do not last as long as a reslust I replace them every other oil change)
Headlight Wiper Removal(Because there pointless)
Grill Painted

Revision Of the PVC system with catch can
Boost gauge (Poorly Fitted)
Custom Made Cryo & Heat treated Crossed Drilled Rotors F&R
New Front Brake Lines
AC Update and Recharged
Custom 60Watt CANBUS HID's with 75w bulbs (5800K) For Low beams
35Watt ballast 55w Yellow Fog light's (deeper longer lasting yellow)
All New Speakers
Hawk Brake pads
Window Tint (20%)
Custom Turbo back Exhaust 2-3/4 with a 32'' resonator and 6'' Oval tip
Adding a muffler and a 3'' down pipe
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