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Name: Cordell

Location: Thompson, CT

Means of contact: PM


Transmission Type: N/A

Mileage (miles):

Set of four wheels, some curb rash present, believe they're Sport Edition F2s, 16," lug pattern is 5 x 110 (came off my 2003 9-3). They have Hankook W409 iPike, 205/55-16, snow tires (non-studded) mounted. Tires have only ~5,000 miles on them and are in great shape, with the exception of one which has a nail embedded in it. However, it holds air fine. Meant to have it repaired during the winter but never got around to it...

Selling the car, will not be needing these wheels/tires anymore.

Sorry, photos aren't the best... I'll try to get better photos as soon as possible.

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