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TIME FOR SERVICE has just appeared in the display, the car has got just over 65k on it. Is this a biggie? What exactly will this service include?
My rear pads and discs desperately need replacing , air con needs fixing and it needs tax and MOTing next month :eek: . Other than that its fine:roll: . I know its unavoidable on any car but Im a bit P'd off at the moment . Id rather spend that money on modding it;) . Thanks for any info Baz

I want to get mine looking like this one day..nice and understated


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Recommended service schedule 110,000km / 66,000 miles

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1. All light bulbs, check/adjust
2. Headlamp alignment, check/adjust
3. Service indicator, resetting
4. Engine oil and oil filter. Check for leakage.
5. Automatic transmission, change fluid
6. Manual gearbox, check oil level
7. Change fuel filter
8. Brake pads and handbrake, check/adjust
9. Cars with VIN up to and including X3025751: Rear brake pads, check/adjust/clean/lubricate
10. Inboard and outboard drive shaft CV joints, gaiter integrity, check/adjust
11. Ball joints, bushings and gaiters on suspension and steering, check/adjust
12. Dampers and bushes, check/adjust
13. Exhaust system and mountings, integrity and damage, check/adjust
14. Air cleaner filter element, replace
15. Tyre pressure and wear, check/adjust
16. Fuel system, incl. tank: leaks and damage, check/adjust
17. Coolant level, check/adjust
18. Coolant: leakage and freezing point
19. Change brake fluid. Inspect brake lines and hoses. Max 2-year intervals
20. Automatic transmission, fluid level, check/adjust
21. Brake fluid and power steering fluid levels, check/adjust
22. Spark plugs, replace
23. Drive belt condition and tension incl. automatic tensioner, check/adjust. Change as necessary.
24. Drive belt (4-cyl.), change.
25. Battery, check/adjust electrolyte level
26. Battery, check condition
27. Battery, clean and grease terminals and mounting bracket. Inspect cables
28. Wash/wipe system, check/adjust. Top up washer fluid
29. Change particle filter (combi filter) for cabin air
30. Door locks, bonnet and boot lid with restrainers, check/adjust/clean/lubricate
31. Removable towbar attachment, check/adjust/clean/lubricate
32. Seat belts, functionality and damage, check/adjust
33. Airbag, visual inspection
34. Road test
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