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Just telling you guys that changing the Steering wheel position sensor is easy and there's no need to bring it to the dealer.

I just changed from Winter wheels to Summer wheels and then the "stabilitrack" light lit up when I turn the steering wheel to the left or right, message says to service stabilitrack. The ABS was kicking in and reducing power making it impossible to drive.

From the forum I've read that its the steering position sensor and ordered a ACDelco unit form amazon (thank you Prime for 1 day delivery) and it ended up being cheaper than ordering from RockAuto.

Reviews are all pointing to Dorman unit will fail again in a short time and the O.E. ACDelco unit (GM part number 19150081) will last.

Found tons of videos from youtube on how to change it and it was relatively easy. It took me 45 minutes as I took my time.
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