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Serpentine belt broke on the highway

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Timing/serpentine belt just broke!!!. No air, power steering, battery draining due to no alternate.

Is ther are part## for the belt that I can retrieve locally? Pepboys/ autozone etc.

How do I replace it (routing pattern etc) with basic tools while parked on street.

Please Advise!!!
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I hope these basic tools include the 1/2 extension bar , the 6 mm drill bit , the diagram and a good light....

We are "signing up" more and more members, one of these days, a man will be able to directly help another - less than an hour away...
It would be good indeed to have the belt number and the routing in a waterproof envelope in the engine bay.... maybe covering up one of those accursed warning lables...
Agree , the long 5 or 6 mm Allen is better than a drill bit, but I think the 1/2" is better than a 3/8" bar , but, whatever works is what matters..

Check the pulleys, they are said not to last as long as the belt...
Strange that the belt broke in the first place - this is based on the number of cracks per inch on the belt side..

I forget what that figure is..

Better to change the belt when scheduled ( every 50 or 60K miles ???)

It must be done this way. If every serpentine belt with just one crack per inch where changed tomorrow - all hell would break out...
Metal and wood are similar - based on its use of course....
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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